G.I wire means Galvanized Iron wire. The process of applying a protective zinc coating on Wire to prevent rusting is called hot dip galvanization. Hot dip GI wire has better corrosion resistance properties than compared to electroplated GI wire.

The GI wire diameter/thickness is measured in SWG (standard wire gauge) and these G.I wires are used for multiple purposes.

Availability of sizes:

We offer the wire in various sizes including 4MM/8Guage, 3MM/10Guage, 2.5MM/12Guage, 2MM/14Guage and 1.6 MM/16Guage as per your requirement.

For identification of original WHY CHOOSe STArfenCE G.I Wire, you can see the print “starfence” on the wire for every one meter.

life of Gi Wire :

Life of G.I Wire can be said by its selection in origin of wire rod, purity of 99.99% zinc, uniform Dia-coating and High GSM coat.

All these above mentioned processes, results in the long life of the wire.

Guage MM Feet/Kg Mtr/Kg
8Guage 4.00 33 10
10Guage 3.00 53 16
12Guage 2.50 86 26
14Guage 2.00 132 40
16Guage 1.60 208 63

Note : All Above measurements are approximately measured.

How can i decide the life of G.I Wire ?

Life of G.I Wire can be said by its selection in origin of wire rod, purity of 99.99% Zinc, High Uniform Dia Zinc Coating. All these above mentioned Processes, results in the long life of the wire.

Why to Choose STARFENCE G.I Wire ?

Starfence G.I Wire is Specially designed with selected range of all above components. This ensures best quality of the wire and higher its life.

When compared to other Branded products available in the market, We Offer High Quality wire in Economic price.

Thus, Our premium quality product gives you high satisfaction in all aspects.

Applications of G.I Wires:

G.I Wires can be used for many purposes.

Majorly used in Vegetable & fruit farming, Nurseries, Binding for fence,

Support wire for Electrical Cable, Bale Packing, Bucket Handles, Drying Cloths,

Base wire for Cable TV networks and Many more….

Smart Care

For longer life of G.I wire   |   Majorly avoid Chemical Sprays  |  Keep it out of Fire.

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