Concertina Razor Blade Wires are primarily used for security purposes. The razor sharp blades make it impossible for trespassers, thieves and animals to trespass or scale the protected area.

Variants :

As per IS standards and Non IS standards.

Availability of Sizes:

450MM (1.5ft) Dia, 600MM (2ft) Dia, 750MM (2.5ft)Dia, 900MM (3ft)Dia.

Availability of models:

1 ) Spiral
“ 18 “ Spiral length per kg – 2.5 Feet
“ 24 “ Spiral Length per kg – 2 Feet

2) RBT
Single Line Length per Kg – 37 Feet

Applications of Concertina Wire :

Military, border areas, industrial and domestic purposes.

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