STARFENCE G.I Chain Link Mesh

Chain link is a mesh fence made of thick steel wire having a diamond shaped pattern. Starfence Chain Link is our remarkable product and famous for its affordable price. Our zero compromise towards quality makes us and our product strong. You always prefer for a perfect fencing to your boundaries and we offer that. There are various alternatives available for the boundary fence and we are always on the top of best list. We offer a wide variety of wires with different sizes in a chain link choice. Starfence also provides 20% savings to the customer.

Availability of Sizes:

Fast moving size - 10Gauge | Medium moving size – 8Gauge, 12Gauge | Less moving size – 14Gauge

Special order or poultry customer’s preference – 16Gauge

Availability whole sizes :

1 x 1 | 1¼ x 1¼ | 1½ x 1½ - (for 16 Gauge Only)
2 x 2 | 2½ x 2½ | 3 x 3 | 4 x 4 -(for 8,10,12 Gauge Only)

Bundle weights acording to its size

Measurements Tables

8 Gauge / 4.0MM HOLE SIZE
Height 2 3 4
3 Feet 65 44 30
4 Feet 86 58 40
5 Feet 108 73 50
6 Feet 129 87 60
10 Gauge / 3.0MM HOLE SIZE
Height 2 3 4
3 Feet 36 23 19
4 Feet 48 30 25
5 Feet 60 38 31
6 Feet 72 45 38
12 Gauge / 2.5MM HOLE SIZE
Height 2 3 4
3 Feet 24 18 13
4 Feet 32 24 16
5 Feet 40 30 20
6 Feet 48 36 25
16 Gauge / 1.6MM HOLE SIZE
Height 1
5 Feet 34 27 21
6 Feet 41 32 25
7 Feet 48 38 29
8 Feet 55 43 33
10 Feet 68 54 41

Note: Above mentioned weights are approximately calculated for 50" feet length of each bundle.

Why to choose Starfence Chain Link :

Our Chain Link Mesh is made by our own Starfence brand wire. Thus, technical components are taken care in all aspects.

We provide our chain link with accurate hole size.

We sell our product only by weight but not in Square feet to make sure a transparent transaction between us and customer.

Our chain link has 40% More Life Span due to its High Zinc Coat.

Our Chain Link is made by Advanced Automatic machines, so that we can be able to deliver your order on time with accurate Length and Proper Packing.

When compared to other Branded Products available in the market, we offer High Quality Wire in an Economic Price.

Thus, our premium Quality product gives you peace of mind with more satisfaction in all aspects.


Parks | Gardens | Poultry Farms | Institutions | Schools | Colleges | Factories | Cattle Farms | Houses | Estates | Public Properties such as Airport Boundaries | Railway Boundaries and Many more.

Smart Care

Majorly keep distance from Chemical Sprays | Keep the Creepers away | Make sure that the Binding process is done Tightly | Keep the wire out of fire and maintin some minimum distance from ground level to avoid soon Rusting.

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