Barbed wire is the first technology capable of protecting the boundaries of your properties in an economic way. Barbed Wire fences are easier to erect when compared to any other alternatives.

Availability of Sizes:

We offer the Barbed Wire in two different sizes.

1) 12 x 12 means middle strength wire is in 12 guage and the barbs are also in 12 guage.

2) 12 x 14 means middle strength wire is in 12 guage and the barbs are in 14 guage.

Why To Choose STARFENCE Barbed Wire :

STARFENCE Barbed Wires are made from “Starfence G.I wires” and are specially designed that the distance between each barb is 3-4 inches as per Indian Standards Specification and has very sharp edges with all High uniform Zinc Coating in Economic Price.

All the above aspects leads to 30% savings to the customers compare to other products in the market.

Applications of Barbed Wire

Starfence Barbed Wire can be used for many purposes like as a boundary wall for Empty Lands | Agricultural Lands | Gardens | Forest Areas & Many More

Smart Care

Majorly keep ditance from Chemical Sprays | Keep the Creepers away | Make Sure that the Binding Process is done tightly and maintance some minimum distance from ground level to avoid soon rusting | Keep the barbed wire out of fire.

Measurements Table

In Guage In MM Feet/Kg Mtr/Kg Each Bundle
12 guage X 12guage 2.5mm X 2.5mm 21 6.5 35 Kgs
12guage X 14guage 2.5mm X 2.0mm 26 8 35 Kgs

Design Patterns

Karimulla Group in Thorned wires is normally made from excited iron (GI) with the end goal of business use. The principal benefit of utilizing stirred iron is that Karimulla Group Barbed Wire Manufacturers in Hyderabad don’t break effectively under changing temperatures. This makes this ideal for bone-dry regions where the temperatures change regularly Barbed wire Suppliers in Hyderabad.

To handle the issue of rusting and consumption in areas of high dampness or drawn-out rainstorms the basic thorned was has been given a make-over with Karimulla Group is the Best GI Barbed wire manufacturers in Hyderabad. The spiked metal is covered with PVC Granules, which makes a plastic-like covering on top of the wire, which shields the metal inside from rusting and erosion much under high mugginess with GI Barbed Wire Distributor in Hyderabad.

Star Fence is the most trusted GI Barbed Wire Suppliers in Hyderabad. We are the Barbed Wire distributor in Hyderabad. With more than 4 decades of experience, we have the knowledge to provide you with the best quality GI barbed wire in Hyderabad. You can also buy GI barbed wire from us by placing your order online on our website.

Karimulla Group was established in the year 1980, with our main objective being to offer our clients As a brand of Star Fence with heavy zinc coating, we manufacture the finest quality of Barbed Wire, Chain Link Mesh, G.I Wire, Concertina Wire, PVC Wire & PVC Chain Link, Power Fencing and much more with economic price. We are the leading Manufacturer, Distributor, Dealer, Supplier, and Wholesaler in Hyderabad, Vijayawada & Tirupati.